Mike Shabb – Boom Shakalak ft Kap Dog (prod by Nemz)


Montreal  youngsters Mike Shabb and Kap Dog connect for visuals for their “Boom Shakalak” track produced by Nemz. The first visuals from the X Files in Efx/Sewaside reps! Shabb just dropped a project and Kap has one on the way! Check out the young movement from the MTLiens!

Montreal, Quebec is up next! With names like Wasiu, CJ Flemings, and Dead Obies making waves right now. But also names like Akshun, CeasRock, Cee, ElonSkee, Jai Nitai Lotus, Taigenz amongst others rep the MTL. The hip-hop scene in Montreal is ever expanding, despite Montreal trying to ban hip-hop in venues.

Mike Shabb and Kap Dog are two more names to add to that list. Today we are bringing you their first visuals. “Boom Shakalak” produced by Nemz! This track is one helluva introduction to the two. Who rep X Files in Efx and Sewaside. The later is the title of Mike Shabb’s solo project out now on soundcloud. Kap Dog is also working on his new project as well. Expect to hear alot more from both here at CHHR

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