Nightmare Nasty – Dope Nasty ft ShaqIsdope (prod by Enzo St. Clair, Nightmare Nasty)


Nightmare Nasty links up with COSIGNHIPHOP favorite ShaqIsDope for “Dope Nasty” produced by Enzo St. Clair and Nasty himself! The track is that good good, and it’s attached to Nightmare Nasty’s 5 track EP “Running With Scissors” coming soon!  If the rest of the EP sounds like this, then we got a new shinning light out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Peep the Zac Facts directed visuals below, and be on the look out for more from both Nightmare Nasty and ShaqIsDope!

This is Toronto. This is what the true Toronto sound SHOULD be. Grimey but boom bappy with dope bars and real lyrics. Not the autotune, wavey mess that everyone is trying to ride right now. When I get asked what is Toronto and Canadian hip-hop sound like. This is a shining example of what I feel our sound is. Grimey cause we all have a slight chip on our shoulder cause Canadian hip-hop is so underrated and underappreciated. Boom bappy cause thats hip-hop and we know it here in Canada as much as anywhere else. Bars and lyrics cause we got that too up here.

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