Flex The Antihero – Pray (prod by Emerson Brooks)


Flex The Antihero has finally dropped one of my most anticipated albums of the year. “Born Rebels” is out now on all digital platforms. Today we bring you the newest visuals off the album for the song “Pray” produced by Emerson Brooks. The album is very deep and dark but also very honest and very very dope!

SmashMouth Music Group representative Flex The Antihero recently returned after a bit of a hiatus. “Born Rebels” marks his return with an amazing album which is out now and available on all digital platforms. Back in 2014 he made some real waves with his “Salem” project. But needed to take a step back for a minute, and boy are we glad he’s back.

The new album is dark, deep, honest and very stripped down. In this time and age where alot of artists all sound the same. Flex has created a very unique sound. The end result of this album, is amazing in my opinion. Most production on the album is done by Emerson Brooks and M Mac. and has features from Jimmy B, DillanPonders, Terrell Morris and Emerson Brooks as well on a track.

Below is the visuals for track number 8 on the album. “Pray” produced by Emerson Brooks. Expect alot more features from this album in the near future, including a song by song breakdown and review. In the meantime, let’s enjoy these visuals.

As a bonus, stream the album below. Also go support it on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play!

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