PRYDE, Noyz, Tremayne, Derin Falana – TBP BRAMPTON (Prod. by Evan Miles)


TeamBackpack continues to build it’s connection with Canada by dropping another cypher from the great white north! Earlier this year they grabbed “Toronto” (TDot area really) representatives Kayo, Clairmont The Second, Flex The Antihero, John River and Raz Fresco for a cypher (peep it here) Then they celebrated International Womens Day with a cypher that went viral(ish) featuring Toronto representatives Keysha Freshh, Lex Leosis, Haviah Mighty, pHoenix Pagliacci (peep it here) Then in September at their famous MUNY event they had a Canadian cypher featuring Haviah Mighty, Roshin, John River, Keysha Fresh (peep it here). TBP finds themselves in Canada once again;

This time focusing on Brampton, Ontario and getting Pryde, Tremayne, Noyz and Derin Falana to jump on a Evan Miles production and cypher it up in these visuals produced by 40oz. Heroes! Enjoy!

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